Get the Data:

Pre-planned and ad hoc collection of anything

human readable, no

parsing required.

Analyze the data:

Automatically extracts metadata, creates associations, develops internal reputations, and clusters in real time.

Explore the Data:

Search-enabled point/click navigation with selectable analytics-enabled,  data-reduction, and views.

Collaborate in the Data:

Add suspicions and insights as custom context directly to the data. Follow incidents and users. Pin useful insights.


Analytics-enabled workflows and data router automates situation-based data preparation and analysis processes.

Immediate Insight brings Google-like simplicity and speed to data analysis and discovery for Security and IT Operations teams. It merges machine learning, correlation, and natural language in a simple, workflow-centric interface to reveal relationships in the data that users don’t even know to look for.  It transforms organizations from a ‘data as last resort’ mindset to the ‘data first’ practice necessary to enhance security, performance, and operations.



• Real time

• Easy to use, no query language

• Automatically contextualizes data

• See what’s changed with a single click

• Unlimited data, one price

• No parsing or custom connectors



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