Accelerate root cause analysis and problem resolution.


Infrastructure complexity is making problem identification and resolution more difficult and costly. Increasingly incidents do not manifest themselves as obvious errors or traditional fault conditions (i.e. bandwidth contention, device failure), rather the unforeseen interaction between increasing complex systems. Even with all the instrumentation and vast stores of infrastructure data, operators and analysts lack a good place to start an investigation. It’s like trying to find something on the internet without an address or Google. When problems span the existing monitoring and management silos, diagnosis and remediation requires escalation to senior analysts and engineers. Issues impacting large user populations and/or critical business functions commonly force the formation of costly tiger teams.

Immediate Insight’s easy to use and analytics-enabled solution connects monitoring and security data silos. It implicitly correlates and enriches data in real time across the silos, providing the actionable insights to resolve problems in today’s complex datacenters and infrastructures. Operators and analysts can start with what they know and navigate any associated data to isolate the situation of interest. The collaborative capabilities enable individual users to function as a virtual tiger team.



Situation: An application performance monitoring solution sends an alert of performance for an endpoint.


Challenge: The root cause investigation is difficult if the source of the problem is not contained in the monitoring system that reported the problem. What if the performance alert is a symptom of a malware infection?


Immediate Insight: Can automatically add security context to system events. A quick search for the impacted system will return everything known about the host, including any reported malware infections. This way the operations team can quickly focus their remediation efforts on the problem’s root cause.


Ease and accuracy of customer data analysis.


The exchange and analysis of customer data by IT consultants and service organizations must cope with highly variable customer data. Too much time is spent just preparing the data for analysis. Analysis with traditional tools like grep and awk delivers a one-dimensional analysis, often missing the subtle associations across multi-source data.


Immediate Insight brings simple exploration for any form of human readable data. Search, analytics, and collaboration enable consultants to import any format of customer data, quickly investigate incidents, and share insights with colleagues. High performance, point and click, and implicit correlation enable consultants to find answers even when they don’t know what questions to ask.

Data is easily brought into the system in both an automatic and ad hoc manner, accommodating unstructured and imperfect data. Our patent pending technology automatically enriches and correlates data at scale to enable more of IT security to extract value from it without involving a data scientist.  We use analytics to automatically contextualize the data, quickly surfacing relevant information in real-time without

figuration. By combining the rich

contextual information with our

unique internal reputation data,

the system can highlight high

priority security incidents.





Situation: Increasing volume of

reported security events is

exceeding the investigative

capacity of the security team.


Challenge: It’s difficult to prioritize investigations and remediation based on exposure and business importance. Exploring a hypothesis in the data takes too much time for an already overloaded security team.


Immediate Insight: Internal reputation can provide teams with correlated views of security incidents impacting critical systems and users. Automatic contextualization, workflow, and speed enables teams to proactively explore data to find issues not surfaced by other security systems.



More than ever before, meaningful and rapid data analysis is vital in order to identify and remediate security threats.


Perimeter defenses are proving to be inadequate protection for

today’s IT infrastructure. For 5 years running, Verizon’s Data

Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) cites that evidence of the majority

of breaches was found in the log data. It’s overly simplistic to conclude

organizations can significantly reduce breaches by just looking in the

logs. The post-mortem teams investigating the breaches have the

advantage of knowing what they’re looking for because the impacted

systems and applications are known.


Before a breach has been detected, IT security teams don’t always have the luxury of knowing what they’re looking for… Moreover, the rapid growth in data volume, increasing complexity, and a forecasted shortfall in data scientists makes threat analysis a daunting challenge.  Shorthanded IT security teams need a solution that does a lot of the heavy lifting for them to spot the unusual in the data.


Many organizations have deployed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions to streamline and automate security data analysis with mixed results. Whether or not you are currently using a SIEM, Immediate Insight can add significant value to your security operation and do so in an extremely cost effective manner. It puts data analysis within everyone’s reach, and enables teams to work the way they need to work in order to quickly address security threats.




   According to an ESG Research Publication, The Evolution of Big Data Security Analytics Technology Report, March 2013, “many SIEM platforms can no longer keep up with mushrooming requirements due to technology, scalability, or usability flaws. Some SIEM platforms are built on top of SQL databases limiting their ability to consume or analyze unstructured data as well. In fact, enterprise organizations using SIEM point to numerous issues including security skill requirements, difficulty performing custom queries, difficulty collecting certain types of data, and a lack of “context” around security data.”


Immediate Insight:


- Real Time


- Built for unstructured data analysis


- Run custom queries, no query

language to learn


- Automatically contextualizes data -

threat intelligence, geo-location,

DNS, etc.


- Correlates data without rule creation









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