• You've been breached...


• But you don't know when. Or how.


• The answer's buried in millions of events.

Can you find the event that occurred only once?

Are you a security insomniac?

It's what you

DON'T know that keeps you up at night...




In just two clicks, Immediate Insight finds them

• Real time – Information available for navigation

 within a second of receipt.


• Easy to use – Point and click. No query language

  to learn.


• Automatically contextualizes incoming data –

  entities, locations, reputations, patterns.


• One click can tell you what’s trending up/down,

 new, and missing?


• Does not require parsing or custom connectors to

 bring data into the system.


• Cost effective. No additional charges to add data.

Perimeter defenses are proving to be inadequate protection for today’s IT infrastructure. For 5 years running, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) cites that evidence of the majority of breaches was found in the log data. Meaningful and rapid analysis of vast amounts of log data is vital in order to effectively identify and remediate security threats. However, increasing data volume, complexity, and a forecasted shortfall in data scientists makes threat analysis a daunting challenge.

Malware is BAAAA-D

Immediate insight makes IT security users significantly more effective in analyzing data to identify and remediate today’s elusive security threats. Our solution uses analytics to automatically contextualize the data, quickly surfacing relevant information in real-time without putting data scientists on the critical path. See the benefit of the system in action – thousand, millions, or billions of events and it’s two clicks to the events that occurred only once.

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